Locatelli Caffi 

Located in the gently hills of Bergamo, the medieval Italian town

halfway between Milan and the Alps in the Lombardy Lakes region,

Locatelli Caffi has a family wine making tradition extended over the centuries

in producing Valcalepio, primarily a red blended boutique wine.

The strong commitment to produce quality wines arises out of the region’s beauty and richness,

an undiscovered treasure of the North East of Italy to the most.

In a territory characterized by an ideal combination of altitude, microclimate and soil,

Cantina Locatelli Caffi testifies a rare dedication to winemaking

where tradition and artisanal meet the contemporary techniques to satisfy even the most fine palates.

Badia Vineyards

Negrone Vineyards

Brusa Vineyards

From vine to bottle

Societa’ Agricola Locatelli Caffi

Via A. Moro, 6
24060 Chiuduno, Bergamo Italia

Tel.| Fax: (+39) 035.838308