Locatelli Caffi Valcalepio Wines Lombardy, Italy

Crödel | Novello della Bergamasca IGT

Grapes: Merlot (70%), Franconia (30%)
Crödel: A typical expression from Bergamo dialect, it refers to the mosto fiore, or free-run-must, full of aromas and scents. Characterized by a vivid and light color, it was served to friends and family before selling it to the public as a good harvest auspice.
Fermentation: Fermentation with carbonic maceration of the grapes
Per-hectare yield: 7-9 tons
Yield of grapes in wine 65%
Color: Ruby red with reflections toward garnet
Aroma: Intense bouquet, sensationally fruity with decisive note of strawberry, raspberry an blueberry
Taste: Dry, medium body, balanced tannin, aromatic persistency
Technical Data: * Alcohol: 12.5% VOL
* Total acidity: 5.5 gr. ‰
Serving Suggestions: Cold cuts, berries risotto, porcini mushroom and grilled cheeses
Serving Temperature: 14°-16°C if fresh from the cellar
Bottle: 0.750 l
Closure: Synthetic cork
Packaging: Cardboard box of 6 or 12 bottles
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