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Valcalepio Moscato Passito DOC

"Passito" describes a winemaking process where harvested grapes are placed in a dry ventilated room to dry into raisins before being processed. Valcalepio Moscato Passito is one of the few Italian "Moscato Passito" wines made from an aromatic red-grape. The highly laborious process results in low yields, and the long maturation time produces one of the best results obtained from Moscato grapes.

Grapes: Moscato di Scanzo (100%)
Fermentation: After a carefully selection, grapes are dried for four weeks in controlled environment, in order to assure a gradual and consistent drying process. A slow fermentation is necessary due to a low temperature and the high sugar content and it is interrupted when the alcohol content reaches 15 per cent.
Per-hectare yield: 4 tons
Yield of grapes in wine: 20% - 25%
Ageing: At least 18 months
Color: Bright ruby red
Aroma: Intense with a strong fruit and floral notes, cherry jam, hint of faded rose and acacia honey
Taste: Sweet, harmonious with a slightly almond aftertaste and persistency
Technical Data:

* Alcohol: 15% VOL

* Sugar: 40-80 g/l
* Total acidity: 5.5 gr. ‰
* Dry extract: 32.0 gr /l

Serving Suggestions: Wine for contemplation, excellent with pastries (without chocolate), or with strong-tasting cheeses like Gorgonzola
Serving Temperature: 12°C - 14°C
Bottle: 0.5 litres
Closure: Natural cork
Packaging: Cardboard box of 1, 9 or 12 bottles
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