Locatelli Caffi Valcalepio Wines Lombardy, Italy

Claudun Pinot Chardonnay Brut

Grapes: Chardonnay (70%), Pinot Bianco (30%)
Fermentation: Soft pressing and rapid bottling which enhance the wine distinguished bouquet and aroma. Fermentation at low and constantly controlled temperature and then re-fermantation and foaming in bottles at constant humidity and temperature.
Per hectare yield: 9 tons
Yield of grapes in wine 65%
On the market: 24 months after the harvest
Fining: 18 months aging in bottles with the yeast cells
Perlage: White and pleasantly effervescent
Color: Intense straw yellow, minute and continuos perlage
Aroma: Elegant, fresh and distinctiv with hints of apple and exotic fruits
Taste: Dry, delicate hints of sweet almond, refreshing and distinctive.
Technical Data: *Alcohol: 13% VOL
* Total acidity: 6.3 gr. ‰
Serving Suggestions: Ideal with appetizers, fish if served with olive oil dressing, seafood risotto, schrimp cocktail.
Serving Temperatures: 8°-10°C
Bottle: 0.75l and 1.5l
Closure: Natural cork
Packaging: Cardboard box of 6 bottles
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