Locatelli Caffi Valcalepio Wines Lombardy, Italy

Valcalepio Rosso DOC "I Pilendri'"

Valcalepio Rosso "I Pilendri'" is the result of passionate research and careful selection of the best Merlot and Cabernet grapes from the highest and brightest hillside east of Bergamo. The name Pilendri' is an ancient expression to indicate a particular soil characterized by steep and elevated faces. The wine is intended to be straightforward, persistent and harmonious with notes of Maracsa cherry and blueberry. 

Valcalepio Rosso "I Pilendri" is currently imported and appreciated in California, USA.

Grapes: Merlot (50%), Cabernet Sauvignon (50%) "taglio bordolese"
Fermentation: After a gentle crushing-destemming process, constant pumping-over are performed to remove the substances contained in the skin. Fermentation in a temperature-controlled environment
Per-hectare yield: 6 - 7 tons
Yield of grapes in wine: 50% - 60%
Ageing: 2 years (12 months in oak casks)
Color: Ruby red, densely colored with tinges that turn to violet
Aroma: Intense, pleasantly fruity with hints of Marasca cherry and blueberry
Taste: Warm, persistent, harmonious, well balanced
Technical Data: * Alcohol: 13.5% VOL
* Total acidity: 6.0 gr. ‰
* Dry extract: 28.0 gr /l
Serving Suggestions: Pasta roasted and grilled meat, poultry, and cheese of medium to long ripe.
Serving Temperature: 18°C
Bottle: 0.375 and 0.750 litres
Closure: Natural cork
Packaging: Cardboard box of 6 or 12 bottles
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